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  • Leslie PH (Saturday, November 01 14 11:47 am EDT)

    I am a interested in the "Eau that Smell" lab but was reading over the procedures and my school has a small incubator, but no shaker.

    I am interested in doing the labater in the year, but was wondering if you knew of any alternatives to the shaker.

    Thank you!

  • Johnd912 (Friday, July 04 14 08:25 am EDT)

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting . fkbdggeggdbb

  • John (Friday, June 27 14 06:12 am EDT)

    Thank you for helping out, excellent info. “The surest way to be deceived is to think oneself cleverer than the others.” by La Rochefoucauld.

  • Natalie Kuldell (Tuesday, June 03 14 05:48 am EDT)

    The DNA and the strain are available through the iGEM Foundation and there are BioBuilder kits and videos to help you teach the materials. Contact us through info@biobuilder.org and we'll get you set
    up to run this with your class. Super exciting!!!

  • Chris Hayden (Tuesday, June 03 14 02:19 am EDT)


    I'm an expat teacher working at an international school in Indonesia. I would like to know where we can order or obtain Biobuilder kits here... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Chris Hayden

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