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If you'd like to carry out these experiments with your middle school students, request reagents here

Projects for Engineering Biology in Middle School Classrooms

This site is very much under contruction... by you! It's a place where you'll find information and activities for building the living world.


We have two projects to try right now.


"Eau that Smell" will show you how to make stinky bacteria start to smell like bananas.


"Frankenfood or Golden Rice" will let you test a yeast that can bake vitamins into bread.


Try one or both. Try some or all of the experiments. No matter what, you'll learn a lot of science, think a lot about engineering and meeting real world problems, and hopefully you'll have fun building.


Finally: don't forget to share what you've learned. These experiments are new and how they work for you will be of interest to the rest of us!


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